Malevolent Spirits #16 — One Attack Each

July 24th, 2023


What is this? Show and tell?


I found this episode going all out fairly depressing if anything. If the show had genuine talent and effort put into it, the first half probably would've been amazing. It wasn't awful, but it was just everybody showing up to do one attack which the Umbrella Lady tanked. And some didn't even get that. Hyoma summoned his new stuff, missed one swing, and got kicked right out of the party to sit on the sidelines. There was no back and forth. Umbrella Lady barely even fought back to be honest. A couple languished swipes was it. That doesn't make for a satisfying fight and any menace from the music and atmosphere last week feels squandered, even before getting into the random stills and just plain unimpressive animation.

Even just one-sided beating up the antagonist can elevate both, and I can't help but think of the Yozakura Quartet scene of the protagonists going white hot rage on Enjin. The animation. The music. The direction. It was so far above this in every way and did better in about 45 seconds than this did in close to 15 minutes. Oh, and I guess the house got beaten up and a box damaged, which we had to spend the last third of the episode explaining rather than anything directly resulting from the fight, like people being aghast at seeing Hyoma or the others go merciless killing machine… which didn't happen, but again, would've/could've been a little bit of character development that might've come from this had it not been so painfully mediocre.

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