Classroom of Heroes #02 — Food Wars

July 16th, 2023


Quit stuffing your face, you glutton.


This is where an idiot for a hero works a little bit better. A couple good natured, overpowered idiots stampeding their way through a school filled with every bad porn/fanservice trope, blithely oblivious to all of them does have some amusement value, even as it constantly does the dumb Food Wars thing where every single bite of food explodes off clothing for fanservice shots. It even stays focused enough on the single character to do a whole introduction and complete arc for her in a single episode, which is a little bit less breakneck than last week's last minute resolution for Red, but still quite ridiculous pacing.

Where I think it stumbled a bit is the dramatic side. First off, the music was way too much. Second, they really needed to develop and sell the ideas they were presenting. They never do a good job of showing that this girl is actually unhappy or troubled in any way. Twisting that to be about Blade's guilt and her comforting/reassuring him instead is a good character swerve for both, but again, it's really half-assed lipservice that would've worked much better had they actually shown consequences. Just saying "You can't help EVERYBODY, so having the ability to do ANYTHING is a curse" makes no sense and could be applied to anything from being a doctor to farming. The specific failure to do so, or having to choose, or just plain screwing up despite your capabilities… understanding that side of a superhero at least shows you know the bare minimum about Spiderman, but this was too superficial to get to that point. Not to mention that the budget also went to absolute nil on that scene.

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