Gigantic Beings of Ars #12 — “I Have No Idea What Happened”

March 24th, 2023


You and me both, Jiro.

Reminder: Nier's back on indefinite hiatus, so nothing tomorrow. I extremely doubt I'll have the season preview done by Sunday.


Soooooo… Let's recap here. The old lady from the first episode was secretly a teleporting super witch carrying around senzu beans? And the plague of worms was all being spilled forth from some giant golem? Which they defeat by the cat person teleporting them to the shadow realm, taking her true teenager form, and explaining that Kumi is the Chosen One who had the power inside her all along? And then everybody lives happily ever after… except for the cult faction who ends the show by declaring that the apocalypse is nigh.

Wasn't Kumi dying? Weren't there aliens invading? Did all the animal hat people combine back into one? What about the Evil Empire and its various plotting? We checked in on them once in the episode to remind us that they're still Up To Something, then just dropped that entirely. I was certainly correct that nothing would be resolved at all by this ending, but like it seems all the shows ending this season, I'm not sure I would've guessed stacking a bunch more nonsense on top of it at the last second. At least it astonished. Better than bored.


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