Northern War #08 — Old Men Yelling At Each Other

February 24th, 2023


Yes, yes. They're all evil war mongers.


You have to admire how sniveling and gormless both the politicians and the soldiers are. The dude's grand plan is to haul out some robots, declare that they're some kind of invincible foreign magic, that he's the only one who has the remote control, and that he has the support of Random Teenager, therefore they're invincible and are a shortcut to world domination. Nor did Lavi's big speech, possibly the longest string of words she's strung together the entire show at a whopping three sentences make much sense. I've made up my mind to… care about things that I already cared about, therefore, it's time to abuse the privileges I was born with. Uh, okay.

Then we come to the end of things, where Colgate-Hair wants to have his own coup so he can be the one who gets to declare them going to war, but the dude and his dog have already been assassinated. Well, gee. That worked itself out quickly. So much for that coup you threw together in an hour that lasted all of 45 seconds because the dude wasn't going to war in the specific way that you wanted. I honestly am not sure I could even fully tell you what he was so pissy about except that someone else got to give the evil speech.


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