Northern War #01 — Silence is Somewhat Golden

January 6th, 2023


How did this village even exist with rampaging giant yetis wandering around it?

I had this as a Sunday show, but apparently they added DMM and Crunchyroll streams on Fridays ahead of the regular Sunday broadcast. Two down, four to go.


Considering that this isn't actually based on one of the games, you'd think they'd have a protagonist that wasn't a complete blank slate. I'm not sure she has even five lines total across the entire episode, which leads to the usual problem of all the other characters doing really awkward speaking for her, which in this case, was largely two stooges who might as well have been named Biggs and Wedge. I wouldn't even call that the gravest sin though. Her silence while still being heroic, playful, rebellious, and competent was actually kind of nice, especially compared to the previous "empathize with a violent, racist, slaver because she's a pretty girl" show, but mostly because we weren't subject to an endless monologue from her.

The problem is that the monologues still came from everybody else, resulting in a pretty dull episode. Even the fight against some yeti was largely just them shooting at it ineffectually until she picks up a sword and one-shots it. But mostly, it was just people reciting the series or character lore, most awkwardly at the end when, after listening to a cultural lesson, she bumps into the grand poobah, so the peanut gallery has to recite why he's the grand poobah, then the grand poobah himself recites how she's the granddaughter of some former disgraced grand poobah, and then how they're in the north, and going to be warring (in case you missed the title) all while she sits there with a thousand yard stare. It was not what I would call a strong second half, to put it mildly, after a very mediocre intro hook.

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