High Card #04 — Love and Pieces

January 30th, 2023


Sorry, Vash. Not you.

Malevolent Spirits may be a little delayed. Nothing important. Just shuttling some people to the airport and kidnapping their dog for a couple weeks. Will take some time, and need to get moving not long after when it usually drops, so I may or may not be able to get to it before I have to hit the road for a few hours. Ayakashi Triangle I said I was probably done with last week, and it obligingly got covid and joine Nier and UniteUp on indefinite hiatus starting next week, so now I really don't care.


I'm a little underwhelmed by the character/dramatic side of this episode, but happy to see that it's keeping up the animation on the just better than mediocre level. The fight here was nothing to write home about, but it also was still animated, wasn't interrupted by mountains of pointless exposition or cutaways to the peanut gallery, etc. So low, my expectations these days feel. Even had a decent enough ending to the fight, just pulling out the trump card of her not knowing about the extra person fighting or his power. 

The character side didn't feel as good though. Mind you, still among the top of the season, but that's an indictment of the season. She's supposedly a disaster of a person whose dead father taught to be a loner. Except she's not really either of those. Even her bad day, she pulls herself together on the next one and is totally fine. Somehow, this is a lesson for her that she's part of a team and not a loner. Okay, I guess. That's a reach since all she did was drunkenly rant at them one time. The ED shows her communing with and seemingly accepting her sadistic side, so this episode ends up feeling like an over-long introduction to her character, not any kind of actual resolution or real growth.

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