Maxed My Stats By Farming #01 — What Big Numbers You Have

October 1st, 2022


At least all this crap is early this season.


What on earth is this jank-ass 1980s CGI? Is it even CGI? It almost looks like claymation. Can't you just draw a dragon? Wouldn't that be less effort than forcing some poor intern to try to learn CGI? Anyway, this compares favorably to the sword reincarnation thing by only having three or four status screens as opposed to frequently having three or four status screens up. On the other hand, it's also much worse animated and doesn't objectify any twelve year old slave animal girls, so from my understanding of what the strengths of this genre are, it can't compare.

Aside from not having reincarnation in its premise, it is the same dreck though. The baddie even flashes up his status screen so that the damsel in distress can gasp about how big the numbers are. Actually, that's all that she really does; be in distress, and then gasp over how big the protagonist or antagonist's numbers are. Therein lies the core of the show. He has big numbers, for… reasons… therefore he's the best. All else is secondary and meaningless. Behold the numbers. Worship the numbers. The numbers will set you free.


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