Summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #10 — Birthday Wishes

September 3rd, 2022


Maybe I should celebrate Len Day again this year since she's been kicked out of Melty Blood.


This really needed to escalate to a lot more weirdness or over the top nonsense rather than doing the more usual recent Japanese humor thing of trying to talk up how towering huge this molehill is. It's two of their birthdays, but they don't want to say it because that's rude, so they try to leave obvious hints that everybody is oblivious to. A better show would have done basically all the schemes they went through across 15 minutes in one thirty second montage, but here we apparently need to stop to explain every single one of them, why they're obvious, and why people didn't pick up on them, so it drags like hell on top of none of it really being all that off-kilter.

On top of that, there's just plain no punchline at the end of it, like they both got the day wrong or something. "Of course we knew, yay friends." There's like 12 of you idiots, and it takes me usually at least 10 seconds of hearing any one of you talk before I might be able to correctly classify which cliche group any particular character belongs to. We are not a character driven show. In previous episodes, we blew up the entire house trying to fix a dent. Doing some light arts and crafts is hardly trying.

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