Lycoris Recoil #08 — Bat Man

August 20th, 2022


That's what must've made him immune to rockets in the face.

I was able to get this out, but Engage Kiss will have to wait until the afternoon. I've got places to be for the next few hours. 


I'm not sure what the first half of this episode was supposed to be. It's essentially a ten minute montage of them going around, doing literally random things. One minute, they're foiling terrorist attacks, the next minute, they're doing a Halloween show for children, the next minute, they're back at the cafe playing with large roombas, the next minute, they're doing schtick with bad instagram posts. Once again, all it really makes me wonder is how this world even works. They make zero effort to hide themselves, and terrorist attacks are apparently a daily occurance. Hell, they clean their guns in public. That seems like something people would notice.

Anyway, we reach the halfway point of the episode, and when goofy filler time is over, that means it's time for exposition dump time. Greeny shows up at Chisato's apartment and they have a fun date where they reminisce about how they met at the big terrorist attack thingy, which they're still being coy about. Also, you'd think that someone who apparently has super hearing as his super power would be a little deafened by a zillion guns going off in his face, but since he's also apparently invulnerable, who knows! Then we're apparently cribbing from Iron Man as a cliffhanger. Or was it Iron Man 2? I don't even want to think about the writing in this show anymore.

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