You0 Deco #01 — Parkour!

July 3rd, 2022


Not sure why that's the main thing we're animating.

I had Prima Doll as starting today in the season preview, but it's one of those staff/cast specials where they talk about the show. Its broadcast begins next week. RWBY's actual broadcast also began today, but I don't care enough to look at it to see if there are any differences with the pre-air.


These social credit things always fascinate me. Time and time again, Eastern ones are like "Check out this perfect utopia built on social credits! (Which is actually a dystopia because someone's corrupting it.) It's such a contrast to the West where everything from Star Trek to Black Mirror is "Check out this absolute dystopia. You can tell it's a dystopia because it's built on a social credit system." So here we have Second Life with 'love' social credits as currency, except for the troublemaker(s) who have zero 'love' and so are invisible, letting them screw with the world and steal other people's social credits. By impersonating their dead father and asking for social credits. As far as scams go, that seems like one nobody should have fallen for.

It wasn't the most engaging episode though because so damn much of it was taken up explaining and reviewing the setting. The actual story is that the rebel dude is running around causing trouble, and the girl chasing after him. It isn't until about twenty minutes in when the apocalypse/true troublemaker/social credit void devourer finally shows up and it becomes something besides a hyper girl and chattering Dennis the Menace scampering around. I don't really know what that makes the show, or what direction it's going in though, which isn't a great spot for after twenty minutes. It seems like they're squaring up to fight the void woman with a glitch face, and maybe all the parkour animation is going to go into that instead? The cape's gotta be for something, after all. But who knows.


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