When Will Ayumu Make His Move #01 — Flushed and Confused

July 7th, 2022


Someone certainly thinks their OP is going to be an internet meme dance.


Well, here's pretty much the same thing as the vampire girlfriend show, but with the supernatural elements and artistic flair cut out, and the dialogue and characters somewhat improved. It's also going for more of a cute thing instead of sexy. I honestly couldn't confidently say whether or not that's a good trade. I think you can go further with good characters than you can artistic tricks, but at the same time, I doubt that this has much more ambition besides "be tooth-rottingly saccharine."

I suppose it at least fairly succeeds at what it sets out to be, but the whole episode is mostly a blur. He deadpan flirts with her, she gets flustered. It's certainly cute, but once again, there's no story or anything like that to be found in a country mile. Not even to the level of something like School Rumble or a trashy visual novel. It's nice that it avoids pitfalls like screaming to show humor has been attempted, or having the characters self-narrate their and each other's life stories, but it still only leaves "girl blushes over boy she has a crush on" as its thoroughfaire, and there are already plenty of those in a number of different flavors and textures. It's inoffensively pleasant enough in the moment, but I've already forgotten easily fifteen minutes of the episode while trying to remember what any of it was even about.

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