Summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #03 — Playing to Lose

July 16th, 2022


Advertising ruins everything.


Man, what was that drama dump in the middle of the episode, sandwiched between a bit advertising makeup through squeaky hammer RPS, and a Mission Impossible spoof, before descending into a post-apocalypse paintball fight of savages against trained military? Did someone have a box to check off? Had to shove in a (not actually very) dramatic backstory somewhere just to have one? I'm not even sure why since it seems we'll be bouncing around between random sets of the cast to do random nonsense.

At least it is genuine nonsense and still trying to do actual parody rather than just doing the same thing as a serious show, but screaming about it. Still, we could stand to let things get out of control both sooner, and more extreme. Amazons vs military could have been a whole Predator parody if they felt so inclined. I'm not sure what there is to comment on though. It's nice that the animation and energy is keeping up even after scrapping a whole episode? It did seem like the blonde girl's group got the short shrift of the two groups that sort of starred this week, particularly the grey haired one. 


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