RWBY – Ice Queendom #04 — Persona

July 24th, 2022


We're not as creative as we think we are.


The broadcast for this has finally caught up, and it's continuing to be a huge mess. Remember how they completely skipped over the one dude having some nightmare thing in him off-screen? Well, from the OP and ED, apparently we're going to be spending the next eight episodes in Weiss's Persona knock-off world to fight her racism and classism for the power of friendship. Her infection apparently progressed, was detected, and they started going into her Palace/Jail/TV World somewhere off-screen. They had to make more time after all to show her father as a dictator with his pictures plastered everywhere in her walled city of robot slaves so they could also explain that they're slaves and he's a tyrant. Or deep, thoughtful imagery like "she's thorny," not just shown, but explained. Very, very necessary.

Ignoring the previous three episodes since we've apparently rebooted, like You0 Deco, just being Persona would probably be fine if the main character it's all centered on an absolute imbecile who reacts to everything by being a total idiot. It's immensely frustrating to the audience. She wanders around, having the most basic and obvious symbolism hammered over her head, yet not a single bit of it penetrates her thick skull. Hell, she's in this dream world literally because some monster is "corrupting Weiss's heart" or whatever, so when she finally finds her and she's a corrupted, eviler version of herself, Ruby reacts by forgetting literally everything and throwing a tantrum about not being friendly enough. I would expect smarter behavior even from Rainbow Brite. None of the character stuff, as already hackneyed as it is, is going to work when the characters themselves are this goddamned immature and oblivious.

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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I thought i was crazy and missed something when Ruby is just… in Weiss’ subconsciousness, and the professor chooses now of all times to tell Ruby that she can only use the coins a certain amount of times, after she burned though like three of them.

    Also, I laughed when she explained that she can’t go into Weiss’ subconsciousness because they’re not close, and Ruby mistakes that as meaning Weiss thinks they’re good buddies.

  • Chipp12 says:

    Yep that’s definitely Shaft quality. Going to wait for BDs.

  • Tiresias says:

    If you ever wonder what Inception would look like if it was a Powerpoint Slide, here’s your answer. Most of the time were dedicated to Ruby commenting over still backgrounds. The White Fang ambush was just them running around firing wildly, seen from a distance. The “fight” against Weiss was an incoherent mess lacking any semblance(ha!) of clarity.

    The writing QUALITY is sadly on par with the original webseries.

  • Anonymous says:

    Im glad others see the flaws too. Rwby has been so low quality that people are willing to embrace queendom like its the lion king

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