Lycoris Recoil #03 — Training Day

July 16th, 2022


Yes, scream out your positions during a gunfight. That's smart.


I said last week that I wanted them to be doing more "random people in trouble" things and less "go somewhere and fight a dude because The Man said to." So of course, this week, they did the complete opposite of that. And worse, not even real fights. Training and practice nonsense with nothing on the line but hurt feelings. Hurt feelings for being taunted about being an ass and not getting to live in the creepy child soldier brainwashing complex. Really? Seriously? Yeah, they're asses too, but they have good reason to have a lot of contempt for her. The whole first episode was about how Takina was reckless and uncaring about other people's lives because She Always Knows Best. Saying "Well, the other side was bad too," so actually she did nothing wrong… So what? We're just ignoring that then? Or the way she immediately put someone else's life in danger for no reason?

There are real shades of the problems that plagued Granbelm through the whole episode. The pissy girls have genuine points, and "I'm better than you at literally everything, so you're ridiculous" and/or both sides-ing it is a pretty despicable response. A hug, believe in yourself speech, and then sucker punching them is kind of her just making peace with having been a reckless ass who gambled with their lives, regardless of how they feel or any attempts to make amends with them. Hell, even the pissy girls apologized to each other. That's more contrition and understanding of their own shortcomings than I saw from either main character.


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