Call of the Night #04 — Game Night

July 28th, 2022


Do the kids really sit around a TV and raptly watch one of them play bad visual novels?


I suppose it did finally bring up that there's a difference between infatuation and love, but it didn't go anywhere past that, and even then, did so at the start of the episode, leaving the rest as kind of awkward filler if anything. I'm not sure how else to describe them suddenly sitting around to watch one of them play a visual novel just to make one or two jokes about how it's cheesey and full of bad fanservice. You started the episode with a gratuitous shower scene and regularly have the camera shoved down your characters' cleavage. I don't think you're in any position to be throwing stones here. 

The new girl hangs out with them for a night and… that's the whole episode. Plenty of shots of her chest is I believe the purpose. They don't do much of anything, aside from the weird choice in group games. Nazuna doesn't see kisses as serious and they just leave things there. Again, at the very start of the episode, with the rest being used for the standard yelly overreaction gags. At least the new character just gives deadpan looks in reaction instead of screaming. Small blessings. Too bad it's the same in reaction to everything, from brushing her teeth to sexual invitations.

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