Spy x Family #11 — Improper Physical Therapy

June 18th, 2022


World's worst hospital.


As we continue to eschew the front half of the title of this show, that just solidifies that I'll be done with it the very moment this season ends. Another two segments that both come off as empty headed filler. The first, Anya needs some special House Points or whatever, but she is bad at everything, so here's another montage of that. So drag her to the world's worst hospital, where nobody notices a kid drowning for her and her alone to notice thanks only to conveniently being a telepath, and wouldn't ya know it, but that gives all the points to Gryffindor. The jokes here still being that she frequently makes the same two to three stupid faces. At least show some variety.

But then we reach the second half, which seemed to be laboring under the belief that events have been moving way too quickly and need to be slowed down for a multi episode arc. Maybe we should think about getting a dog. They don't get a dog this week, mind you. They just float the idea. Dogs are things that people have. Maybe we can have a dog too ourselves as part of our family because dogs are things that families have and we are a family so perhaps we should have a dog except maybe not because some dogs can bite. That was as tortuous to write as it was to spend ten minutes watching.

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