Spy x Family #10 — Balls of Fury

June 11th, 2022


Quick, sideline the cast and premise.


Another episode that totally eschews not just the spy stuff, but for all means and purposes, all of the main characters, choosing instead to just be a sports episode. Note, not a sports parody. I'm 100% certain that it would call itself that, but Galaxy Angel's volleyball episode where every character ineffectually murdered themselves through trying and failing to get off a single serve and then came back to life without explanation while the rivals used only the same looped stock footage and repeated voice line? That was a parody. Hell, even Keijo!!!! has more right to call itself a parody because of how straight it played its ridiculous premise.

This was just Literally Every Single Sports Anime, except with the second and third tier members of the cast taking center stage. The main characters got an early montage and then they did the bad Jump trope of "I know what he's going to do, therefore I have the reaction time of a god," though to be fair, Batman: TAS also pulled that with an accountant becoming a master martial artist by using a stopwatch to measure Wayne's kicking speed. Even that was only about fifteen seconds of the episode though, and again, isn't a parody or even a joke. It's just what sports anime always do. The 'jokes' being the excessive reactions. Maybe you could say that the kids pretending playground equipment was a Dragonball scene was something, but that ain't much to hang a whole damn episode on.

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