Spy x Family #09 — The Good Wife

June 4th, 2022


'Assassin,' my butt.


Ugh. In a lot of ways, a repeat of last week's episode. Well, the first half was just a flat out continuation thereof, same screaming childish tantruming drunk and everything. Nothing about her brother got any better with this episode, unless you count them sort of not half-assing the animation for a pratfall. The second half was also playing Truth or Dare with Yor over whether or not she would invoke the SS to protect herself. But she just goes "Rarr, I'm a good wife." The end.

The frustrating thing here is that there were multiple chances to show that she's hyper-competent and capable too that would have improved her character and added some badly needed tension to the whole thing. She could've noticed that Loid was bugging her and now she has reasons to be suspicious of him. She could know about the SS, which she should, being an assassin, and realized it was all a farce. They could've at least hidden that it was goddamned Truth or Dare Pt 2 instead of showing that up front. But glaring and slapping people that touch her are what she's been reduced to, and the show seemingly has no aspirations for her otherwise.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Frank says:

    bored anime

  • Delaware says:

    Yor role is to play as Loid’s “wife” and as Anya’s “mother” and she does that quite well. What else do you want her to do? And let me just say that Yor does have her own story arc it’s just that it’s only the early parts of the series. How about you learn some patience?