Kunoichi Tsubaki #11 — Seductive Wiles

June 18th, 2022


They all still look like deformed cupie dolls.


At some point, Tsubaki, you giant foreheaded monstrosity, you're going to have to face facts that you're a lesbian, or at the very least, bicurious. You're literally the only one in the village getting turned on by the other girls playing Real Housewives, mainly by putting a yellow bubble background to signify that they're being effectively sexy, or nothing at all when not. Such is our humor. Well, her and the teacher, who is going around teaching her how to seduce her clearly immature and mentally handicapped classmates, which itself feels like it raises its own questions or appropriate behavior. 

God also only knows why this of all this was something that needed to be stretched out to the whole episode instead of its usual two things per week. Probably because this schtick is what brings in the cash money while I sadly watch the over-the-top fight animation in the opening once again and wistfully pine for what could have been.


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