Gelato Five #11 — Meet the C Team

June 17th, 2022


Boy, not looking to end strong, are they?


Two gimmicky segments with tertiary characters, which I find especially strange because there are characters like Gelato Yellow who have been hanging around the entire show but still have yet to justify their existence. Plus just eschewing the main characters themselves and any overture at all of parodying sentai anymore. One character is supposedly into spy stuff, ergo she's a Chinese tomboy, puts on disguises, and they have a sleepover. When she disguises herself as Red, that makes Desumi flustered. Half an episode on just that. How? But more importantly, why. What is the joke meant to be here?

Then we reach the obligatory "X gets sick and the other has to care for them" bit, except instead of the latter, it decides it wants to go in a creepy baby fetish direction. The joke here being that she is not a baby, but she is being dressed and treated like a baby. And if you felt that sentence was painful to read, then prepare to have it explained to you two or three extra times in the episode itself. The end result is two segments that are just about putting Desumi and pals into some costume for a badly written Hustler article. Keep aiming for the stars, Project No. 9. 

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