Gelato Five #10 — School Rumble

June 10th, 2022


School festival episodes never turn out well.


This is a good microcosm of the issues I have with a lot of romance shows, but especially this one. Rather than actual give some substance to the relationship or characters, they pick some absolutely trite, mundane thing, and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to insist that it has some kind of unspeakable deep unfathomable meaning. An entire episode about getting your picture taken at some stupid festival attraction, eventually resolved by… just walking up and doing it, and the entire school cheers like it's some corny made-up Twitter brag.

The frustrating part is that the episode also did show how you could have done this without it sucking. Multiple people chasing them and each other around in over the top action scenes. Where's the animation and direction shown in the approximate five seconds of the Pink one parkouring off the walls? Too intense on the budget? Also, I guess somewhere off-screen she got rewritten to openly being a lovestruck stalker instead of that being a secret. Escalate from there until the entire school is engulfed in an over the top battle of super powered people accidentally beating up cosplayers. Then at the end of it, everything scuttled, school and moon destroyed, mission failed, you can have a scene of them affirming their feelings regardless of the stupid photo op, and even toss in a newspaper photo of them clashing in front of it in the carnage to show they got it anyway. Still wouldn't be good, but better than "And then the whole school applauded?" Hell yes. 

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