Gelato Five #09 — My Sister’s Keeper

June 3rd, 2022


Nothing about this seems healthy.


Really looking to run out the clock on moving their relationship even an inch or actually making them overcome any kind of struggle with it to learn something about each other and make them stronger, aren't we? So here's another episode about a girl jealous over Desumi, but this time, an angsty one mad at Desumi instead of a trendy one focused on Fudo. Not exactly stepping outside the comfort zone. And wouldn't you know it, but she has literally the exact same backstory as Pink too. These cities in Japan sure are plagued by roaming bands of bullies looking to beat up 12 year old girls. Somebody should probably look into that.

I also want to note that there's something rather twisted about how it never actually addressed or even seemed to notice the unhealthy relationship she has with her sister. Her entire family is devoted solely to Desumi. When the brat is in a funk, all they do is tell her how great Desumi is. Really feels like the lesson here should have been "be your own person," not "See? Your sister can still beat up random dudes on the street." Hell, the last flashback we saw of Desumi as a child was her being a gleeful martial arts obsessed airhead, though admittedly, her backstory is a completely incoherent mess to start with.


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