Birdy Wings #10 — Minigolf Physics

June 7th, 2022


Even Battle Golf has more accurate physics than this.


Pretty much the same as last week as this dumb caddy chronicle continues. If two weeks ago, you asked anybody watching this what they wanted to see, I doubt the answer would have been for it to go totally mundane, fashion montages, and minigolf. Perhaps could have predicted it, particularly putting being set to the Metal Gear OST or a random idiot showing up out of nowhere to use an 8 iron to chip shot cheat through a minigolf course, which I'm pretty sure defies a number of laws of physics. But so does her power to stop time, so who's keeping track.

But playing dramatic music is not being dramatic, and the rest of it was as banal as the dressup montage. The other girl has the power of "sees lines," which you might recognize from every single golf game ever made, even Kirby Golf, not to mention Peggle and all its ten trillion clones, while Eve just gorilla smashes the ball and it conveniently ricochets into the hole every time. It's hard to tell if she's even supposed to be styling on them or is just a lucky imbecile. Also, where's the damn obligatory minigolf gorilla and crazy tube contraptions? Why are we even playing minigolf at all if the only obstacle are some small hills? 

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ark noir says:

    watched ep9/10 and apart from the eve suddenly learning Japanese

    its obvious this school ark is in setup mode for something nonsensical or as the weeb kids incorrectly say ‘tatemono za warudo’. calm before the storm IMHO. dunno what it’ll be but i have faith in birdie wing its gonna be silly. plus screw the green bullet. she is just making it up at this point with the phrases and wild swings.

    • ark noir says:

      forgot to mention i stole this bit of info off a forum.

      there was an anime called Madlax done by Y?suke Kuroda who was head writer for birdie wing as well. Both are based in the same fictional country of Nafrece and both use the girls with guns theme.

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