The Dawn of the Witch #07 — The Faint-A-Lot Gang

May 26th, 2022


Everybody be fainting here.


I don't know if I've mentioned this, but, man, do I hate the design of Seville's shirt. The weird off-the-shoulder strapless thing… it looks so ridiculous, and so many shots of this show are shoulders up because it needs to be cheap, so he constantly looks like he's naked for no reason. Speaking of cheap, I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't be lifting somebody by the knees and neck. For one, how strong are his wrists to be able to carry a woman by the neck. For two, how is she not dead?

Anyway, they used the week off very effectively to do an episode of largely filler where almost two thirds in, they ran into a random stabby monster. It stabbed them, then they… uh, wandered off before getting healed and… uhhhhhh… spent the rest of the episode explaining that it's not just a monster, it's a monster from somewhere else! Good lord, it can't even do sidequests without embarrassing itself.

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