Summer Time Render #04 — Confess Yourself

May 5th, 2022


Yes, yes. We're all horny teens here.


They really, really needed to get to in-fighting between the copies a lot sooner. Fifteen goddamned minutes of goofy schtick… goofy schtick set to bassoons, is more than a bit much. The Looney Tunes facial expressions and speedline explosions were especially jarring, and not in the viscerally crunchy way breaking an arm or two was. Literally everybody (rightfully) jumped straight to 'Ushio' being some kind of monster too, immediately at that, which does help in keeping them all coming off relatively competent for the 'Shinpei' reveal to work better, but it just makes all the dumb schtick be even more out of place. 

At least the last quarter of the episode was strong. Twists and developments left and right, everybody being ready to throw hands at some monsters copying loved ones, and the ferry boob lady blowing someone's head off. In-fighting between the copies is a much better way to get 'Ushio' into Team Scooby Doo than the ten minutes of slapstick that preceeded it. I do think they should've totally shut down the internal narration once 'Shinpei' took over, as it doesn't make any sense for the copy monster to be musing about the history of festivals while plotting to murder everyone, but that's a minor sin compared to the whole first fifteen minutes. 

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  • V1cious says:

    I actually think the silly scenes made this episode better. Seeing the way “Shinpei” interacted with them shows how easy the invaders can adapt people’s entire lives/personas. Makes you wonder how much of this village is real.

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