Spy x Family #08 — An Entire Dinner Arc

May 28th, 2022


Nothing that was fun about the first couple episodes is ever coming back, is it?


Another episode that betrays the lack of maturity and seriousness that I wish the show had, not to mention is paced just horrendously. Her brother coming over for dinner, getting drunk off of a sip of wine, and saying "Well, if you're so married, then kiss!" should not be a multiple episode arc, complete with cliffhanger. It hardly even uses that he's a member of the faux-SS. He's just a cartoon drunk with the same maturity level as the tantruming toddlers we just spent two episodes stuck with.

At least go over the top to some extreme display of affection, or some kind of heist-esque mind gaming with twists and turns along the way, or some profoundly bizarre accusations. This is basically truth or dare for ten year olds, which our supposedly hardened spy and seasoned emotionless assassin are failing at. When was the last time either of these masters of their craft even did anything involving their craft? We keep getting reminded that they're totally a spy and assassin and things are oh so serious, so here's a whole arc about hooooow shhhhyyyy they are. If you want to be Inspector Gadget, just skip the goddamned torture scenes.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Frank says:

    even naked gun has more seriousness!

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I actually like this show, but I’m not feeling the brother character so far. He’s a weird siscon geek.

  • xp says:

    I object! He’s clearly NOT faux-SS, he’s faux-stasi (the SSD, the secret police of communist East Germany). They’re obviously going for a Cold War vibe.