Spy x Family #07 — Excessive Flushing

May 21st, 2022


That doesn't look healthy.


Man, the start and end of this episode were awful. Flat out recap and then talking heads standing around expositing at each other. Which would imply that the middle was better, but it was really not. Basically a montage of Lloyd sneaking around telling her to apologize, then when she did, it was so embarrassing to the bully that he ran off. Somehow, this bit that could have been over and done with in about five minutes was stretched out to over half the episode, with the other half being pure, unabashed filler. No twist on events. Nobody grew or developed in any way. No jokes besides the montage, and even that was largely "Anya makes faces," yet again.

Where's the over the top animation from that one episode? Where's the actual spy or assassin stuff? Is the suppose 'assassin' even going to ever do anything ever again? Is she going to have any kind of focus at all? Or is she just a female slapped in for occasional fanservice? Are we just flat out done even pretending to do any actual spy or assassin things at all? Is the espionage side simply going to be at the level of Mrs Doubtfire from here on out? 

Next Episode:

A Yor episode, by which we mean, another dude.

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