Spy x Family #06 — Children Make Faces

May 14th, 2022


Why do people even keep making children anyway. They're awful.


The more focus there is on the kid, the more I find myself checking out, especially when the jokes continue to mainly be "kid makes stupid face." I wanted to see more of the first couple episodes, where the characters were badasses, driving the story, competent and confident. You can have your Short Round on the sidelines doing goofy things and causing various conflicts and/or needing to be saved, or being the widget that drives the character drama, but she was never a draw for me, and right now, it's just highlighting how the other two have completely stopped doing all spy/assassin stuff altogether outside of throwing parties for children, which is really stretching it.

Anyway, sort of a two segment thing this week, though neither had much substance to it. The first was mainly exposition about merits until they remembered that they needed something to happen, so a random number generator picked "gang of street thugs" to attack at noon in broad daylight in front of a crowded supermarket. You know, the normal place for where you find street thugs and the best time and place to kidnap children. The second half was a half introduction to yet more kids. I say half because we immediately jump to them being jerk-ass bullies for no reason, Anya makes a bunch of faces, and then the episode unceremoniously ends. I somehow doubt that was supposed to be the whole intro 'arc' to these ninnies, especially given the next episode preview immediately following, but I don't want to see any more of them either.  

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