Kunoichi Tsubaki #04 — Empty Exposition

May 2nd, 2022


How to fill a scene without saying anything.


It's a rather bold gambit to spend half the episode on the setting/story when you don't actually have one. I think my favorite part of it was how you could have inserted literally any noun in there instead of 'love' (sex, really), and it probably would have worked better, either from a dramatic angle or a comedic one. Teenagers kept quitting becoming ninjas because they discovered Pokemon Go, or slow cooking, or heroin. Yes, that one sentence is what it spent twelve goddamned straight minutes on, occasionally interrupting to ask to have it explained, which was answered by "I am already explaining it," which was answered by "Oh, yeah, that was being explained." This was a segment made to try to explain a conceit in the show that it desperately did not want touched. There is no shortage of gender dividing school shows it could've picked from, Mai Otome, Vandread, Evol, and all of them had better excuses than this without half an episode trying to justify it.

And yet, the second half may have somehow been worse than the first. It introduced a girl who spent the afternoon hanging around. Anything interesting happen? Nope. Any random out of nowhere fight scene, the sole saving grace of this show? Nope. Just a random girl who's sort of medically oriented by thwapping things and generally good natured. She exists. That's enough for a whole half an episode. Why does it exist? Because it has a girl. I guess at least the episode featured minimal screaming from the side pieces, but that's not an accomplishment.

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