Gelato Five #08 — Costume Change

May 27th, 2022


Bad day for fashion.


I guess at least it's sort of a twist, but given how much the new girl was freaking out from having Red anywhere near her while wrapping herself around Desumi like a feather boa, not much of one. It's also weird that the conversation of "Who was she" never included "What did she look like," especially when you have a crazily dressed pink haired girl in a billowing cloak. It's also also extremely weird how much this dumb cliche about blackmailing with photos has stuck around in Japanese media. Do they simply not have Photoshop in Japan? Red is supposedly a national celebrity. There should be pictures of his secret baby with Bat Boy on every newsstand. This is nothing.

The second half was basically filler. It had the joke of them both being actually being idiots and then went from there into Desumi declaring that she has no thoughts or future of her own except to be a devoted wife. This isn't how you round out or grow a character. It's in a lot of ways even worse than saying she doesn't know at all. You could make a good case for her just drifting through life, joining a slightly less evil organization than Amazon, but always doing what other people wanted, until Red got her to start thinking for herself and what she wants. But no. "I just want to be your wife." This is a high school crush. It's not even serious enough to have kissed yet. Pump the brakes on the ambition to be a Stepford Wife. 


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  • mikeski says:

    Pink-haired-yuri-stalker has a body type you don’t see much in anime. That’s quite the caboose for a supposedly-Japanese girl.