Gelato Five #07 — Black Gelato

May 20th, 2022


You know how much I love flashbacks.

If you're curious about Virgin Road, they went on a date to a street market where they ran into a couple thugs to beat up, and then had a sleepover. Meanwhile, the new girl elsewhere had another meeting with random NPCs. Then Momo and whoever had their own sleepover. So… yeah. We're done with that one.


An exercise in repetition. How many times can we do the joke that Desubou was strong, and Scarface would say "I wasn't trying my hardest" or "Being cutesy is against my expectations"? Apparently for twenty minutes straight. It's not even a good joke either, nor was there any twist on it. Martial arts stories, comedy or otherwise, are rife with students who are stronger than their teachers, both ironically and not. Hell, same for sports, idol, action, anything, really. Subversion it ain't.

At the very least, it could have actually bothered to do the big 'fights', but instead opted to ring a bell and smash cut, twice. Which is a tired, cliche, lame joke, but at the same time, they did animate one of the initial sparring bits. Yeah, for only about three seconds, but for an episode that ostensibly had about five fights in it, that one had five times as many frames as all the rest put together.


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