Birdie Wing #06 — Pilates Time

May 10th, 2022


That episode preview from last week was quite the bait and switch.


And this awful episode puts me back on the edge of deciding that this is not worth suffering through for another month and a half. The 'good' part is that we apparently are going to do a whole arc about saving the orphanage from the evil mafia via illegal golf, which is some form of plot and story direction that the show badly needed. The bad part is that all the fun stuff in the next episode preview from last week, the rocket launcher, the gun fight, the car chase… all of that was random three second asides happening to random other people, in no way, shape, or form related to the protagonists, let alone involving them in any way. Or should I say protagonist? Because the Japanese one is still barely even showing up. Quite the rivalry here.

So that's the stuff that took up about three minutes of the episode. The rest of it was frittered away on the red haired mafia woman being randomly naked, and Stinky Boobs coming back to do a training montage. Basically, another excuse for a different form of fanservice. Here's Eve in a sports bra. Now here she is doing pilates. Here she is stretching, the camera helpfully never leaving crotch level for one second. How about a flashback, since obviously there's so much going on that we need to rewind a little bit to explain character backstories or we won't be able to keep up with the breakneck story progression. And back to the grunting and sweating. What an episode.

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