Virgin Road #05 — Precious Bodily Fluids

April 29th, 2022


Wait, the evil church is… evil!?


I think I have to conclude that the silly fanservice of Dawn of the Witch is the added spice that makes it slightly more palatable than this, though it could also be that it's actually a bit more character focused. Like that one's episode this week, this one was mostly filler and the animation was godawful. See how they just stand there motionlessly and emit lasers? And how there's an explosion that they are unaffected by? Truly a compelling fight that really sells how formidible this opponent is. Put the tiniest damn bit of effort in, JC Staff. Stop doing overly detailed close-ups of eyes. 

In any case, the first half was Yet Another Date bit, for both the pairs of girls, and then the second half was entirely a villainous monologue explaining that the obviously evil church was obviously evil. All this was a plot to drain their precious bodily fluids because… well, look, they're evil. That's all that matters. We're not revealing that this supposedly benevolent group of seemingly good people had some ulterior motive. We started out with them being crazy psychopaths brainwashing children to fight the greater evil. Moving to full fledged Satanic cult with two cackling lunatics at the top instead of just one isn't a big twist or grand reveal. 


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  • NeclordX says:

    This show gets too much into exposition sometimes and gets a bit boring for a show with lesbians.
    But I have to admit, that at the very least they have a solid and kind of interesting wolrd setting

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