The Dawn of the Witch #01 — Table Read

April 7th, 2022


Maybe this show just needs fewer tables to sit around and talk at.


This is certainly a bit of a throwback to the Shana/Louise/Index era of a bitchy underage magical girlfriend, the cheerleader with giant airbags, and a protagonist with the personality and screen presence of warmed over porridge, and it has a bit more animation than I recall the… what do you even call the originator of a spin-off? The first go-round of this dude's light novels (Grimoire of Zero), which was frankly embarrassing, but not by much, and shares the core problem with it, namely that so much of it is spent sitting around a table having a chatsies. Even things that they could've shown, like the lizard dude fighting off whoever, instead get relegated to dudes telling us about them.  We don't get to see that the protagonist is weak or inept, just told it. Which will come as a huge surprise later when we reveal his amnesia comes with ultimate power or whatever.

But given the trends in anime fantasy these days, I don't know that we're getting any better than this. Five or six years ago, this would have been called a half-assed Zero's Familiar clone, and rightfully. So it's hard to sing much of its praises, especially when it brings so little to the table in terms of story, action, adventure, or characters. Every scene with Boobs McGee especially is almost comically, obnoxiously cloying, about how just being around the protagonist, who she's never spoken to before this day, lights up every aspect of her life as she jiggles in place while the stone-faced protagonist grunts with barely more lingual skills than the mute imbecile in Princess Connect. But what else are you going to watch on Thursdays? An idol show?  

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  • NeclordX says:

    But without the tables the loli witch couldn’t spread her legs giving a blunt panty flash

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