Spy x Family #02 — Kick the Étouffée

April 16th, 2022


Who even grabs an entire tray of hot food in the first place?


I mentioned this last week with Shikimori's OP, but it's always amusing to me when the opening (or ending) sequence are hyper stylized and super well animated. Like the animators are desperately saying "Look! We actually do have talent! We can make something truly expressive and unique! Please don't make us spend another seven hundred hours drawing the same giant eyed women and pointy chinned men!" 

Anyway, another episode that mostly highlighted how mediocre the budget is. Every scene that should have shown how badass the main characters were instead got relegated to a bloodsplatter from offscreen, or sounds of guns and a car crash noise. They're also not putting in a whole lot of effort into hiding that they're spies, particularly from the kid, literally doing entire briefings right in front of her, which continues to make the tone weird. Heck, make it more like Archer even where the characters are extremely skilled in some ways, but neurotic, emotional imbeciles in others. 

I remain fairly lukewarm on this and frustrated with it, especially the pacing/lack of any driving plot. I do like the lighthearted spy/heist. Hell, I enjoyed Burn Notice, though that may have largely been because of Bruce Campbell. But this is more like trying to split the difference between Looney Tunes and The DaVinci Code, and the supposedly super smart, hyper competent characters who are also oblivious doesn't work well for me, and without a strong central driving story or plotline pushing things, there's not much but that to focus on. It really needs more substance, or even just better dialogue to fill in all the empty space.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NeclordX says:

    I still can’t help but like this one. Is so silly in every aspect that I can’t just not enjoy it. Like watching a truck on flames going out of control, there is some hypnotic charm on it.

    Is not Valvrave, Ange or guilty crown levels, since those were planes, trains and ships on flames instead of a mere truck. But still up there to the point its enjoyable enough

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I like this show, I mean, if you think about the plot for even a fraction of a second it starts to fall apart, like why can’t he just give the school the dead mom excuse? Are they going to force him to being her corpse in?

    Speaking of HyperSmart nut oblivious characters, I’ve seen people compare this to Kazuya, which is fitting since the girl looks almost exactly like her, and the dude is the male MC with blonde hair.

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