Love Comes After World Conquest #01 — I Scream

April 8th, 2022


Well, only a little screaming.


I expected better from this, though expecting anything from anime these days is a fool's errand. I was really hoping that it would play up the sentai parody angle more, especially after Kenshin Blader last season failed in that regard, but it's playing it extremely straight; just doing/being a completely generic Power Rangers show, or more specifically, a filler episode from one, where the 'joke' that is run into the ground until it's a bloody smear on the pavement being that they're ice cream themed. You guys have watched sentai, right? That's not that unusual. Same with the romance stuff. Yes, we can pretend people screaming about holding hands is 'cute' and 'funny,' but that is literally what goddamned every one of these does, and no, doing it in silly costumes does not make it sufficiently different. Have you seen the fashion in anime?

Not the whole thing, like he knows all about her because he stalked her on Facebook, and it lets all the jokes pass with a corny sound effect, scream, and gong to signal that a joke has been made and this is the place to laugh, so it's better than most comedies these days in that it's not tremendously obnoxious about it, but the whole middle drags and it would probably have been better served to hide the romantic 'reveal' even though the title spoils it if you were going to do a whole bit playing it straight. The music, like all of this season, is also a bit weird, though with how horrible everything else has been, they at least got the balancing better here and it doesn't overwhelm every scene. They also put more effort into the faux fighting than I think any of the actual action shows that have aired so far, which is almost comedic in its own way. It's not… bad… I just wanted this to aim higher than going through every cliche motion and overwhelmingly saccharine.

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