Kunoichi Tsubaki #02 — Needle Tongue

April 16th, 2022


That seems uncomfortable.


Swap the director/animators here with Spy x Family's. It's vexing to see a show like this actually putting a modicum of effort into the animation and choreography of the fight scenes when everything else in the episode is pure banality. For the first half, a girl pretends to be lazy but actually practices seriously, and wants to just project that it's natural talent. And… that's the whole bit. For the second half, pink faffs over some flowers because they remind her of her crush. Everybody is happy friend times. At least get some surreal over the top nonsense going to liven things up.

Even the pure fluff wouldn't be so bad though if so much of the cast weren't screaming ninnies. My god. How many characters do we need whose personality traits are "loud" and "stupid"? And yet, of all the new shows this season, this is the one of the very few that has at least mustered thirty or so seconds of an actual action scene in more than one episode. One that had them flirtatiously pulling hidden blades out of their mouths and using weird ninja techniques without even explaining everything every step of the way at that! It wasn't even a particularly good fight scene! But it still existed, in a show where it has no business existing. 


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  • NeclordX says:

    So…the whole premise is that one of the girls hit puberty before the others?

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