Gelato Five #04 — Plot Convenient Amnesia

April 29th, 2022


The first incidence of many to come.


Better directed than it was written. I really dislike the cliche of the harem ostensibly making up, and then declaring that they're 100% going to try to steal the dude away, which is how this chose to end things, leaving a fairly bad taste in my mouth. That's not girls will be girls. That's just being toxic asses and showing that in fact, they have learned absolutely nothing and only become comfortable in being asses. On top of that, we go to flashbacks to reveal that Desmi and Pink have always been at war with Eurasia had a shared bonding past that was conveniently forgotten about until this moment, which, not to spoil the five minutes on Wikipedia, but is going to very much be a recurring theme going forward. Just let the characters do things in the present and win them over in the here and now. Don't retcon in crap and claim constant amnesia.

The show continues to be mostly fine enough though, if still fairly prosaic. She sees them together and gets jealous, but they talk it out and hug. Then they do basically the exact same thing except from the other angle. At least they put a modicum of effort into the second fight. It may have only lasted about 10 seconds, but it was an actual action scene, and if, say, Dawn of the Witch had a segment like that every now and then, I wouldn't rag on its terrible production so much. They could stand to play up Desmi's evil side a lot more too. She should've gone straight to the spiked ball to the face approach, not just teased it briefly. 


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One Lonely Comment

  • Diamondoid says:

    The fight with angry Desumi was pretty good

    I didn’t get the same impression as you regarding the ending. To me, it felt more like encouragement, as she didn’t just say she planned to keep after him, but rather “you better stay together cause if you DON’T, I’ll take him back” which is very different from “reset button, I’ll keep going after him.”

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