Gelato Five #03 — MA! GET OFF THE PHONE, MA!

April 22nd, 2022


It's weird how the bear wears leggings but not pants.


This continues to be mostly harmless, but unconcerned with being anything more than superficially cutesy. Not cute. Cutesy. Far too much time is spent on setup for each sequence in particular. Do we really need a 3-4 minute meeting/briefing to kick off every segment? Likewise, it introduces a bevy or new characters, or has the sentai ones hanging around on the sidelines, but just has them do a single line and then they're booted to the curb again. Shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, even Regular Show demonstrate that you can do a lot with characters while still being abstract, bizarre, weird parodies, but you need to focus more and have more ambition to your sequences than "they blush and are awkward around each other."

But again, it is fairly harmless and does have multiple different sequences with starts, middles, and ends. There is the skeleton of an… okayish romantic comedy here, but no flesh on its bones to really make the romance develop. And I do figure that's more likely than it leaning harder into the sentai parody and going full Venture Bros with its cast, though that would be a perfectly fine direction too. The best gag of the episode was probably the dude's loud mom answering the phone for him, which could have been a whole bit unto itself. The rest… eh. Blushing and some half-assed fanservice for Love Hina-esque slapstick violence. Not exactly reaching for the high fruit here. 

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  • ark noir says:

    I dont mind the MC in this. He went around his birds yard with the pretence to play cards, got some ass to face action and played with his bird’s bra in front of her face during some cupboard play . he may be a cherry boy , but he deserves some praise.