Gelato Five #02 — Side Boob

April 15th, 2022


Boy, Gelato Yellow really cleavaging it up around here.


Well, I guess it's trying, but I feel like it's being too goofy to work well on a romantic or dramatic level, but not goofy enough to be a real comedy either. A short thirty second montage of exercising isn't much to hang your hat on, and not helped by then taking a full minute to explain the joke, and then another minute to explain that the characters now realize that it was a mistake. You're spending about five times as long recapping and milking the gag scene than you spent on the scene itself. It's easy for me to think back to shows like B Gata or even Futakoi A where they showed how infectious the passion characters had was for their weird acts, and how that's what made them enjoy doing together, while this scene was more focused on yelling and then trying to tell us that all that stuff happened after the fact. 

It remains mostly inoffensive though, if quite superficial. She has a permanent blush and the patience and forgiveness of a saint. It's far too saccharine to take all that seriously. A little friction and more importantly, communication when someone isn't really thinking of you isn't a bad thing and you can still quite easily get to the same "I learned things about you that I like" emotional ending. Not copping out on the kiss for obnoxious screaming gags would also help. Good god, anime, grow the hell up. It's not cute.

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