Birdie Wing #04 — Gothlf

April 26th, 2022


Fear my venomous stinky body.


At this point, I'm pretty sure I'm only watching this for the absolute nonsense that randomly comes into each episode. Lord knows it's not the characters or story. This week had a couple things, though honestly, both were kind of spoiled by last week's preview. Blondie had to face VIPERE THE GOLF REAPER, a goth cosplay wannabe who comes with her own corny theremin music and spends most of her time with her eyes as wide as plates and sticking out her tongue. She's playing against her because of a mafia golf land deal bet on a transforming underground golf arena powered by a literal dam and series of trains to terraform it on the fly.

Anyway, THE GOLF REAPER isn't even particularly good, but uses the power of her smelly cleavage to make Eve shank all her shots, but when she realizes what's going on, that makes her immune to her tricks… somehow, so Eve kicks her and makes her drive her to the golf course, but because she was late, she hits the betrayal ball Aoi left at her plane. I… uh… may have lost the thread of the episode towards the end, and yet, am pretty sure that I in no way did.

Next Episode:

More cosplay.

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  • ark noir says:

    Its like the characters in ‘Banana Fish’ got genderswapped and played golf. This show is my favorite show this season. Its total nonsense from start to finish and more of it please. too much content to rip on but that underground golf course though lol

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