Ranking of Kings #22 — Grooming Children

March 17th, 2022


Good lord, what has this show become.


There are… uh, a lot of writing problems with this episode. Starting from Daida's total personality 180. The last time we saw him was in a flashback where he was spitting on poor people for being destitute. So now he's marrying the evil witch apparently? Because that's not creepy as hell in at least a dozen different ways. Why not add some grooming overtures to the ending? She's also totally off the hook. What's a little mass murder and regicide after all? Her penance will be to rule the kingdom with the step-son she raised and corrupted. I… uh… what? This… This is really what we're going with?

But there's also Bojji and the literally only one thing he did in the episode. Remember when he was all friendly with terrible monsters to show how innocent and a good boy he was? Well, screw demons. He hates those. He's the one who pushes everybody else to kill it while it's just sitting there like a giant toad. On top of all this, apparently the lesson everybody took from this who affair is that demonic Faustian bargains are actually pretty great and everybody should be making them. Elbowing each other out of the way to make them. And whoever screams a Monkey's Paw wish out first wins! No downsides this time even. Everything nicely resolved without any threads whatsoever. God only knows what the last episode is going to be. Everything's pretty well wrapped up at this point except the one immortal dude stuck in a rock. Not wrapped up in any kind of satisfying or sensible way, mind you. But what are they going to do? Have a 20 minute wedding for Joffrey and his evil step mother?


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  • Anonymous says:

    In the last ep they will heal oken using healing bloodline magic after they beat desha who will likely become possessed by the spirits of the vanquished gods or something else from the treasure room .

    What you are saying is the absolute truth. The show is conceptually somewhat good (even the convoluted soap opera garbage) but it does not earn anything. shotcuts are taken with pretty important character motivations.

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