Ranking of Kings #21 — Attack on Titan

March 10th, 2022


Wit seems bitter about someone else having that series.


At least the animation was mostly there for the fight. Mostly. The start was frame drop-a-riffic. It was nice to not have an episode about Immortal Dude for once in the last two months too, though he's clearly not done with because every five minutes it would randomly declare that they still had to deal with him. There's also something more than a little weird about Bosse and Witch Woman constantly making everything all about them, no matter how many family members and friends they need to kill, particularly when they then turn around and declare that they need to be noble and selfless. Pick a lane, guys, because I'm not getting the sense that the hypocrisy is intended or you're even aware of it. Still, that's a minor quibble at worst compared to the writing weirdness that has plagued most of the second half.

Most of it reminded me of the Steven Universe movie's writing issues if anything, where all the characters kept announcing "You can't just do X," and then the character did X. "He can't beat Bosse. He can't dodge his attacks and is no match for his strength!" So then Bojji dodges all the attacks and explodes every club swing by matching it. And it comes as a great surprise that the kid with the power to dodge everything and evaporate all physical matter would defeat the dude who has the power of large physical attacks. And then everybody announces how they made everyone else suffer and no amount of crying can fix things, so the rest of the episode is spent crying. The fixing to no doubt come next week.


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