Ranking of Kings #20 — Power Levels Are At Maximum

March 3rd, 2022


Same can't be said for the animation budget.


Remember how last week I griped about nobody ever dying because there were random magic powers constantly being pulled out of asses and them endlessly using physical force against the dude whose sole power is "regenerates from all physical damage?" Well, here's another episode of that. Just that. That for twenty minutes. Maybe even worse because all effort on the animation dropped out the window this week and we went right to Dragonball "dude has high power level, so is immune to swords" and "he is moving so fast, we won't animate anything at all." Obvious contrivance is always the best way to show how strong people are.

Anyway, Bosse drags his butt out of wherever he's been doing jell-o shots, smacks everybody, then heals everybody, then spends the rest of the episode punching the immortal dude. The immortal evil dude who very politely spent almost ten whole minutes standing there, waiting for the healing to finish and for everybody to comment on the healing, announce what percentage of strength it cost them, that they were healed, that other people were healed, and that, once again, they were healed. The, uh, middle of the episode dragged just a bit. The crowning moment of the episode though was when Daida realized that Miranjo was the woman in the mirror.  

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