Princess Connect #24 — The Faces of Evil

March 21st, 2022


Might as well have called this "24 minutes of fourteen sick."


After Bisco's godawful penultimate episode, I was in a pretty annoyed mood, but how can you not laugh when the show is turning characters into crazy jelly monsters in a heartfelt attempt to show how unhinged and crazy they are? And that was pretty much the entire episode, escalating crazy faces and chuunibyou fourteen sick nonsense out the ass. Now, granted, the psychos were one of the highlights of the first season, and I would much rather be watching them be lunatics at each other than literally any of the actual main characters. Nothing wrong with a psychotic girl with a giant axe trying to drive it into the skull of someone else. The show could, if anything, use far more of that.

But once again, the actual main characters were all relegated to sitting their asses on the sidelines and listening to monologues while random other characters got to do the important things. The crazies got the animation budget this week, and more importantly, didn't spend the entire episode sitting on their asses listening to monologues. At this point, they're less protagonist and more audience. You also really have to appreciate the monologues themselves too, especially the ones about the blonde boob monsters powers. You see, she has "ultimate defense," and "ultimate offense." What makes them ultimate? Well, they're unbeatable, except by overwhelming them, surprise, or attacking a different objective. Which is completely different from regular defense and offense by… uh… regular versions not requiring a paragraph to explain, I guess. Time well spent instead of axe-ing people in the face. 


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One Lonely Comment

  • Joshua says:

    Soooooo, looks like my prediction that this’ll devolve into a MCU third-act is coming truer and truer with each episode. That shit already got exhausting in those aforementioned MCU films and shows, especially those obvious “theme park movie” moments and this is no different, especially with how these have to have a scene of the heroes sitting around droning on laying down its obligatory themes it wants to preach, before the big third-act, where there’ll probably be the obligatory Endgame-ish team up before it devolves into a mindless sakuga orgy.

    After watching The Batman earlier this month, I realize that I’m getting sick of these wannabe Marvel blockbusters. And depressed that there won’t be more like what I watched (and loved) because people would rather take the homogenized MCU model instead.