Tokyo’s 24th Ward #06 — Minority Report

February 9th, 2022


Of course society can only function with a mutiliated corpse of a teenage girl powering it.


Man, why can't the show be about that blonde cop lady? She steals every single scene that she's in. In the first two minutes alone, she pistol whips two people just for talking back to her. She's such a ridiculous Dirty Harry go-getter while everybody else spends the whole episode sitting around, having sad feelings and/or bread thrown at them. Forget the whole swat team raiding teenager graffiti artists. Just send her. She'll get results.

Anyway, the 'big' things of the episode is that the dead dude left a delayed message recapping and explaining the entire thing to everybody, and that the magic weather detecting super whatsoever thingy that failed due to sudden hurricanes a couple episodes back is Minority Report technology, developed by family of course, complete with the mutilated corpse of their friend shoved into it, because of course society would be powered by that. And it brainjacks the poors too? Great! Sure am waiting for the rich kid to be conflicted over using this. The worst part of this is that half is revealed about ten minutes into the episode, then they cut away to have buddy bread remembering time for most of the rest of the episode, doing the shocked face, but stalling out the reveal to use as a cliffhanger. They used the same scene as the cliffhanger for both the commercial break and to end the episode. Makes you wonder what the point of the ten minutes in between that was.


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