Ranking of Kings #17 — The Immortal Guy is… Immortal!?

February 10th, 2022


Let's repeat that another five times for the people who missed that.


I guess at least they eventually got around to the Chekhov's long overdo gun I brought up last week, and actually animating the fight, eventually, but the episode was dull as absolute snot. If you hadn't realized that the immortal dude who resists all physical attacks but is vulnerable magic attacks would be immune to the kid with the power of super physical attacks, then you are not who this episode is for. Christ, at the 20 minute mark, there's not one but two paragraphs of the sideline explaining that the dude is immortal, and this is after having explained that he's immortal in the opening scene of the episode, not to mention the half dozen times they did in previous episodes. This is well established information. Why in Hera's name are we explaining it as the cliffhanger to the end of the episode in some kind of shocking realization?

And, uh, yeah, that's all that there is to this episode, really. A flashback that immortal dude's backstory is that he became immortal, uh, somehow… and immortality made him crazy… somehow… and that the crazy witch is still crazy. I'm sure if you just betray and murder his family/kingdom enough times, you'll win his love, lady. Third time's the charm. I also 'enjoyed' the part where the one dude saw Bojji's HORRIBLE TERRIFYING AURA which kicked off a long declaration that he must have endured many trials and overcome countless obstacles to achieve this power. This power that was obtained by having a mincing clown tell him what atomic bonds are, and then touch him on the shoulder. Yeah, the great heroic journey of being in a room with a weird guy for fifteen seconds. Each various recitation of his greatness took longer and more effort than him obtaining his eyes of death perception. 


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    Name all of the named characters who died in the current time era (not flashbacks) and actually stayed dead.

    Turns out everyone in this show is immortal.

  • Anonymous says:

    Whats bojis stand called?

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