Too Long and Too Stupid Title #01 — By the Numbers

January 8th, 2022


Oh boy. It's this episode again.


I started to write down that at least this was kind of a speedrun through all the tired cliches and tropes that come with this abhorrent subgenre, but then I started thinking about the first episode of that other show of a demon lord who reincarnated himself to become a hero and realized that this was pretty much a shot for shot remake of that. So less running quickly through the tropes, more that there have been enough godawful reincarnation things since then that my standards for what constitutes fast pacing have fallen drastically. 

So we get a paint by numbers reincarnation stupid thing. He has maximum power because his power level says he does. We're not going to show you. He wins offscreen, and trust us, he said that monster's power level was maximum, so it must be maximum. Then it's off to impress a couple future slave wives before going to the sorting hat and impressing the school in a duel against The Strongest, which he immediately embarrasses while revealing that everything everybody knows about the world is a lie. What a fine Young Adult hero. 

It's not that he's overpowered. I like hypercompetent heroes. Your Leons, Germans, Swords, Lina Inverses, hell, even FonFons. Remember him? They're all great. It's not even that he gets his powers by pure providence. Being an invincible Kryptonian or billionaire super genius still can work fine as long as you put in the effort to make them earn their accolades. It's how goddamned lazy everything is. Not just the mediocre animation, but the half-assed declarations through the entire thing about how he's the ubermensch and everybody else are stupid peasants. Yeah, I was fourteen once. I get it. Let's aspire to be better than that, not wallow in the worst of that time. But I guess at least there weren't any panty shots or bath scenes. Truly one of the finest of the genre then.


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