Ranking of Kings #15 — I Have The High Ground!

January 27th, 2022


Which I will use to pontificate at exhaustive length without actually saying anything.


This was a pretty boring and uneventful episode featuring the Blond Boys, but what made it really bad was that this was clearly a budget saving episode. Good lord, was the animation half-assed this week. Not only was the single file fighting on the stairway silly, but the shortcuts, speedlines, and still frames were everywhere. Even when it was trying to do them all horde rushing him, they still stopped and literally just swung one at a time in a line. I did get a chuckle out of the super secret ultra special underworld finishing blow being a kick to the dick. Then they ruined even that by cackling over it for about the next five straight minutes.

Mostly though, they just blathered incessantly at each other. This episode could've been five minutes long without all the scenery chewing. I also wanted someone to point out at the start when they were making a big deal about how they had to get all these wayward monsters home through the underworld portal in the basement that Blondie was trying to destroy that A.) Bojji was the power to destroy all matter with merely a touch, so is not the helpless invalid the show keeps pretending, and B.) It's like half a day's horse ride… a fat horse at that… to get to an alternate entrance. Also, we're supposed to believe that of all the constant abuse, mockery, and betrayals Bojji has been through, that the one by Blondie is the only one that he actually cares about? Bojji is a prop, not an actual character, and it's silly to repeatedly jump to these ridiculous trauma reaction faces.


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