Ranking of Kings #14 — Magical Pupils of Dying Observation

January 20th, 2022


Unique idea, do not steal.


The truly hilarious thing about the knockoff Mystic Eyes of Death Perception isn't that Bojji somehow gained this power because of his handicaps, but that the mincing fop just randomly bestowed it upon him through touch. Didn't even train. Not a unique power. Dude just flat out has Shiki's power and can pass it around to anybody he feels like. By touch. We should also note that this is his heroic triumph. That he found a dude who can give him the power to instantly destroy anything he touches, who gave him this power for a sack of gold. Yes, truly using his gifts. Certainly a result of hard work to be… touched by some dude and be given super powers. Good lord.

Besides that though, it was a pretty uneventful episode. Various antagonists kept getting tied up, then immediately effortlessly breaking the ropes only to just sit there. The one immortal Ginyuu Force dude also got tied up, but the episode ended before he could do the same. Then they spent about a minute straight ranting about the evils of immortality before the episode unceremoniously ended, having apparently lost all grasp of all plot threads it was haphazardly clinging to. 


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